Blog: 2023-09-18

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Working on using expect to set up ssh on a fresh debian vm phoenixnap with the good articles as per usual

Ok ssh is working, have to adduser ronin then add the ronin public key to /home/ronin/.ssh/authorized_keys.

This took a while because I tried to allow logging in as root, and messed with config.

But I unmessed the config and there isn't much really to getting a public key into the authorized keys file. Though permissions are finicky.

Once that's fully scripted then I'll try to make the qemu-system headless, and somehow notify ssh is up, or just poll. Then we're just about at 1 command to fresh debian ssh session!

Though I could have been using

Also I can see now why vagrant split these up, they're slow and do a lot.

ronin create

ronin ssh

or just


I think just ronin is good