Idea: fully describable software issue using virtual machine

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For example, just now, I tried to use pipenv to install rich, but it gave an error.

ii $ pipenv install rich
Creating a virtualenv for this project...
Pipfile: /home/razzi/forks/mattermost-server/ii/Pipfile
Using /usr/bin/python3 (3.9.7) to create virtualenv...
⠋ Creating virtual environment...
✘ Failed creating virtual environment
[pipenv.exceptions.VirtualenvCreationException]: /usr/bin/python3: No module named virtualenv

Failed to create virtual environment.

But there's a lot of hidden context here: what version of os, what version of python, dependencies such as pipenv, config, other state.

So for a first pass, I will create a dockerfile and reproduce the error, hopefully.

There's a potential problem of the bootstrapping: what version of docker, what build of the os, what is the host architecture. But most of these problems are smaller issues.