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Jump to navigation Jump to search - fish - requests - flask - ruby & cloud - hackathon mentor - interested in archiving - redis, linenoise, philosophy - tech blogging - clojurescript - sourcehut - clojure tools like rebel readline - password store and wireguard - signal and fun stories - added gnome filepicker thumbnails - prolific in JS - llvm & Swift - chip fabrication - home chip fab - clojure character - oxide and strong opinions on Amazon - prolific in code, in particular qemu - Radon Rosborough, good emacs configuration & writing - cool js & product - git maintainer with a slick username gitster - SE moderation -> codidact - Lennart Poettering: I think systemd is cool... faster boot good... - taught me to code js :) - taught me to code web applications thru Udacity CS 253 - postmarketOS, linux for mobile devices - Randall Monroe, can be kinda overdone but often well done - inventor of Markdown, a little obsessed with apple but prolific and "in the know" - SF local writer - Ryan Dahl: node.js, deno runtime, good talks - Ryan Bernhardt, fun & illustrative talks like Wat and The Birth & Death of Javascript - python tools, foss - Alvaro Ramirez, emacs and even recipes... writes about tech and stuff - Paige Ruten, explanation on kilo editor (see Antirez above) isn't posting any more but his ouevre stands strong - just discovered this one, active in emacs org mode - linux videos including risc-v - good blogs - open source, works at sourcehut - good articles on dev stuff - security and policy - creator of tarsnap is a proficient writer on math/security - Iowa City game dev organizer - Cory Doctorow, good old fashioned blogging - technology and engineering blog - dokku and early ngrok alternative localtunnel - nodejs library author, mad scientist vibes - aspiring mad scientist - games and stuff - databases and pop culture - code and its social aspects - area coder

Rich Hickey - clojure designer, author of several great programming talks. And the first person to make this list without a personal website! :) - good writer in technology, wrote Learn Vimscript The Hard Way, a terrible beautiful thing - impressive projects and good writing about text editing - clojure and tech, fennel is a lua lisp, looks good - brew maintainer, made a courageous fork for old macs - developer of SerenityOS with its own browser - CircleCI and human rights - creator of Secure Scuttlebutt and makes nice fairy tale technology analogies - Bozdihar Batsov, emacs and clojure - Tim Pope, prolific and creative in vim script - Ian Hixie, developer of web standards, good blog posts - develops Linux Libre and ends his blog posts with "so blong" :) - contributor to mediawiki and surrounding infrastructure - debian developer with well-written blog