Blog: 2023-06-07

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Ok, I'm finally customizing ubuntu. Switching from the default `x-terminal-emulator` to the more performant and sleeker alacritty.

Did this using `ccsm`, use the search functionality to find the terminal command line option. Now c-m-t opens alacritty. Still opens the default terminal on startup, however.

I'm reminded I still have yet to make a wiki that syncs to my devices without relying on this linode cloud instance as I am currently doing.

So there's a solid few projects to work on.

  • fjord editor
  • offlinewiki
  • offlinebrowser
  • personal website

Maybe start with 20 minutes on personal website

Alright, 1 hour in and I started reading my blog post on the fish shell, realized I didn't quote my variables, and took a dive into the fish docs and unicode. Here's a couple things I learned:

for x in (seq 1000 3400)
    printf "$x is \u$x\n"

prints a bunch of unicode chars, I like \u2400 ␀.

I reinstalled pipx by removing the ~/.local/pipx directory, now ipython works.

Well I said 20 minutes, and now it's about an hour and a half later. All because I wasn't sure if it made sense to quote $dir in my fish example, and I'm still not sure...

Ok I didn't need to quote dir. Now I've updated my website.