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11 April 2024

  • 10:2610:26, 11 April 2024 diff hist +342 N Blog: 2024-04-11Created page with " I noticed evil-collection added an unimpaired minor mode that wasn't being diminished properly, then I thought: why display minor modes at all? Vim for example has a much more minimal ui. So I'm interested in hiding the emacs mode line and other ui elements. That article looks like a good starting spot." current

31 March 2024

  • 12:0512:05, 31 March 2024 diff hist +1,363 N Blog: 2024-03-31Created page with "Sigh... haven't got this vim help menu thing working, but it's maybe a good idea, to the extent that vim customization ideas can be good ideas. <pre> .vim $ cat ftplugin/help.vim set timeout timeoutlen=200 nnoremap <silent> <buffer> q :q<cr> </pre> Fan of this Continuing with my little python scheme wrapper. It hangs when you hit enter, I guess the scheme subpr..." current

26 March 2024

  • 15:4815:48, 26 March 2024 diff hist +145 N Blog: 2024-03-26Created page with "Messing with emoji <pre> >>> "\U0001F604" '😄' >>> "\U0001FA76" '🩶' >>> "\U0001FA75" '🩵' >>> "\U0001FA74" '🩴' >>> "\U0001FA74" </pre>" current

25 March 2024

15 March 2024

13 March 2024

  • 15:5515:55, 13 March 2024 diff hist +3,017 N Blog: 2024-03-13Created page with "Alright, last day in Colombia and I'm chillin. Checked out of my room but left my suitcase at the hostel and I'm here now in a hammock. Nice all the hammocks that are here. 3:40pm, quite warm this time of day though there isn't much sun out today. Was planning on doing laundry but decided I'll make it back to the states and deal with it then. Ended up withdrawing some more money to pay for clothing since my card was declining, nice to do because then I had cash to buy a..." current

9 March 2024

  • 10:4910:49, 9 March 2024 diff hist +385 N Blog: 2024-03-09Created page with "Interesting stuff Default qemu ram size is 128M Finally understand this "target triplet" seems like a good resource. Starting a virtualization guide, it'll be good to collect some definitions." current

7 March 2024

  • 20:4520:45, 7 March 2024 diff hist +64 People Razzi followsNo edit summary current Tag: Visual edit
  • 20:4420:44, 7 March 2024 diff hist +108 Blog: 2024-03-07No edit summary current
  • 20:4320:43, 7 March 2024 diff hist +772 N Blog: 2024-03-07Created page with "Looked into ronin again, and after some curiosity about debian version 12 being hardcoded, I took a deep dive on architectures and os stuff. Here are some of the highlights: * / - doing stuff with qemu and debian. Hardcodes ssh keys. * * *"

4 March 2024

27 February 2024

  • 03:0603:06, 27 February 2024 diff hist +920 N Blog: 2024-02-27Created page with "Moment of realization just now: why can't you shutdown debian from the login screen? bc it would need a root user to submit the "shutdown" command. Even when you switch with alt-f2 or whatever to the text login screen, it prompts for username; you can't enter commands from there. Maybe the solution is to boot to a root repl (like safe mode) and from there you can launch login gui. Other realization I'll note down here: lots of software isn't available in apt because its..." current

23 February 2024

  • 14:4914:49, 23 February 2024 diff hist +1,175 N Back to BloggingCreated page with "You may notice this website's blog is unorganized and untidy. That's by design "Blog" is a truncation of "weblog" - breaking that word apart we get web log. That's what this blog is, it's a log of my web activities. Mostly for me, but you're welcome to browse as well. In the early days of internet, I think "bloggers" were simply logging their lives. Posting pictures and stuff, since social media hadn't taken off. It was a uninhibited and exciting time... Some people w..." current
  • 14:4314:43, 23 February 2024 diff hist +245 N Blog: 2024-02-23Created page with "Thinking about this book after seeing ducks on the page And I have been rewarded with some internet lore" current

21 February 2024

  • 21:4921:49, 21 February 2024 diff hist +430 N Blog: 2024-02-21Created page with "Alright I was trying to do some tmux pane renaming and this is what I came up with <pre> if not string-empty $TMUX function _fish_tmux_window_title_command --on-event fish_preexec tmux rename-window (echo $argv | cut -d ' ' -f 1) end function _fish_tmux_window_title_pwd --on-event fish_postexec tmux rename-window (curdir) end end </pre> Now I'm restoring it out bc I don't care for the feature" current

19 February 2024

  • 03:3103:31, 19 February 2024 diff hist +395 N Blog: 2024-02-19Created page with "Realizing it's not actually trivial for a copy operator to do a whole line, and not dump the line after the current character on paste. Need p to be aware of clipboard length I guess, then paste after current line if the clipboard has its own newline... I guess the oscyank has probably been doing the right thing, it'd say the number of characters that would include a newline. Tired, bedtime." current
  • 00:0800:08, 19 February 2024 diff hist +214 Blog: 2024-02-18No edit summary current
  • 00:0700:07, 19 February 2024 diff hist +62 Blog: 2024-02-18No edit summary
  • 00:0600:06, 19 February 2024 diff hist +288 N Blog: 2024-02-18Created page with "cool got rid of needrestart which was posting the "need restart" messages like <pre> No services need to be restarted. No containers need to be restarted. No user sessions are running outdated binaries. No VM guests are running outdated hypervisor (qemu) binaries on this host. </pre>"

16 February 2024

13 February 2024

12 February 2024

  • 13:0713:07, 12 February 2024 diff hist +1,523 N Blog: 2024-02-12Created page with "Started on this quest to have a scheme repl where the outputs are italicized, like the SICP book. Printing italics is pretty easy: <pre> In [1]: line = 'a' In [2]: print(f'\x1B[3m{line}\x1B[0m') a </pre> ''It's italic, trust me!'' But when it comes to spawning a scheme subprocess and interacting with its stdin and stdout, I took many turns, eventually trying nodejs since its asynchronous io model more closely fits this use case. Here's what worked (or at least is a..."

10 February 2024

9 February 2024

8 February 2024

7 February 2024

3 February 2024

  • 12:4412:44, 3 February 2024 diff hist +547 N Blog: 2024-02-03Created page with "Weirdly, running `man hexdump` invoked xcodebuild and lagged for a while, so I thought I'd cut out the middleman and learned how to do this: groff -mandoc /usr/share/man/man1/hexdump.1 -Tascii Then I can groff -mandoc /usr/share/man/man1/hexdump.1 -Tascii | less Makes me think about how groff is antiquated and I don't know how to write its bespoke text format, so probably a better approach for a modern os would be to write man pages in md, or maybe just html? Is it..." current

2 February 2024

1 February 2024

30 January 2024

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