Blog: 2022-04-01

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We rise to the challenge

I'm doing Bike & Build this summer, and part of the preparation is to bike 500 miles to get in biking shape. So far I've biked 55, and feel great while biking, and a good post bike soreness right now. If I didn't have that goal, I'd not have gotten outside in the first place.

They say to balance on a slack line, look at a point in the distance; don't look at your feet, which will be wobbling and hard to focus on. Similarly, if you only thing about effort in terms of single days, you may fall off before getting anywhere.

I set my goal yesterday to cook 3 meals for myself, after having skipped lunch many days (having a big biking goal is a good motivator to eat enough). While I was making breakfast, I realized I wouldn't have lunch ready if I waited until lunchtime to start cooking, so while breakfast was still in the pan, I started prepping vegetables to cook for soup. When breakfast was ready, I put the last ingredients for the soup on the stove and started it while I started my work day. At lunchtime, soup was ready: 2 meals cooked for myself complete.

Now I have leftovers, and I'm realizing that if I prepare meals in advance, I can have 3 home-cooked meals while spending almost no time on cooking.

We rise to the challenge.