Blog: 2022-09-11

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ok so I'm here on my computer again, after a long summer off it. That was great. But what is a good use of time on the computer? Maybe if I'm asking myself this I shouldn't be on the computer at all.

Creating stuff is cool though! As is responding to useful emails; that makes me think about how I have a few servers to shut down and a bit of action to take on domain names. Generally stuff that costs money every month and that may not necessarily be worth it.

Watching youtube videos is endlessly entertaining; channels like Davie504, mtg stuff, esports, music theory; I spend a lot of time on that stuff and often spend too much time and feel not great after all's said and done. There's a lot of learning to be done on computers; language, food, programming; there's plenty to be done there. And it's usually a good use of time to read blogs from people like Armin Ronacher and Salvatore Sanfilippo.

I suppose there's some reflection ripe, for what to generally be spending my time on. But now I'm going to say, it's ok to enjoy my time for a bit, doing whatever I want!.