Blog: 2022-09-13

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Was playing WC3 custom games the other night, specifically Dota. Had 2 crashes 2 games, which is especially bad since you can't rejoin...

I submitted the crash report each time, but it got me thinking about an open source real time strategy engine, so that if it did crash you could at least see the error and try to fix it...

In other news, I'm trying to get Y a memory setup for his ASRock motherboard. I sent a cheap Crucial Ebay listing: and learned that aesthetics are important to him, and that the 2133 MHZ bit is the speed; others are 3200MHZ etc which are faster.

I'm also trying to get my password setup working on windows, but apparently things like question marks in file names are not working on windows and the files cannot be checked out.

Well I was able to update Signal via winget and relink to my phone. So that will be the successful end to my night... might not be able to load passwords yet but I can always message them to myself. That gives me an idea: signal based password manager?