Blog: 2023-02-12

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Ok so I've been developing software since 2012... 11 years ago at this point. My knowledge is somewhat rusty, in part because I did a lot of development of new software that was in 2015, and kinda stayed stuck in time because it's hard to update stuff.

Here are some of the technologies I've used:

  • django 1.8-era
  • python 3.4-era
  • angular 1
  • postgres is golden baby
  • sqlite is super cool model too
  • bootstrap in the mix
  • react pre-hooks
  • flask
  • redis is golden too

Nowadays, I imagine a stack using something like

  • python/django still, it's solid
  • postgres is golden baby
  • vue.js that new hotness
  • people are talking about tailwind css

So I gotta learn tailwind and vue.js

On another note, this would be a good mediawiki feature: