Blog: 2023-03-01

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Looks like I can't start article names with "Project:" due to namespace aliasing. Ok, I can start it with `Project/`.

Not having markdown in mediawiki is getting a bit annoying

Ubuntu caps-lock-as-control not working right now

Ok I found a good keymapping program, it's called `keyd` and it is actually good and simple. Here's my config for it:

# /etc/keyd/default.conf



# Maps capslock to escape when pressed and control when held.
capslock = overload(control, esc)

nmcli is a friendly alternative to ip a. Nice!

Protonmail gi shortcut to go to inbox does work, if the focus is on the view: clicking on the little toolbar at the top of the email gives it this focus. Could try to fix it with a hacky script, or fix it in the WebClients repository (bad name, though I can always rename locally)...

The captcha local issue isn't happening on my ubuntu side, strange.

Software projects are on thin ice these days with me, I'm removing components that aren't working how I'd like generally rather than configuring them. Extensions that slow things down etc have got to go. Things I don't understand: either I've got to understand them, or they've got to just work, or they're on the chopping block.