Blog: 2023-08-12

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up late... have some progress in weave replacing docker with podman, didn't feel like pressing forward with docker's bespoke installer. Podman seems to be working ok as a drop-in replacement. And it has a d in the name so making abbrs like d. works ok :)

Started to go down a few rabbit holes: logged into windows, and got to work getting emacs up and running again. Cloned spacemacs to my appdata roaming directory, and got my .spacemacs.d there as well. vterm doesn't work on windows, no surprise there. Maybe running emacs gui from wsl is a good idea... but then again probably not.

Also started to look into a couple new editors: doom I've never really gotten working

kakaoune seems to have some good ideas, but it has a cheeky clippy :O

helix seems to finally break away from the vim-dominated paradigm... in fact I think it's on to something, that visual mode is kind of redundant. Time will tell if it works, and knowing it has a toml config file format makes me think not so much. elisp is slow and messy but it's expressive.

Link roll up!

Saw a couple cool icons on github, mawww and shougo showed up under some emacs thing haha. Genius vim contributor and emacs as well. Would enjoy getting emacs lisp to configure neovim through the same mechanism as lua ;)