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Want to split apart fish config into 3 directories:


and config-fish

I was thinking of having a 3rd for abbrs but that's too many >_<

So pretty much here's the ideal fish config bootstrapping

git clone <something>
cd <something>

Or even better

git clone <something> --recurse-submodules

then to update

cd ~/.config/fish
git pull


Ok one problem I'm realizing: if I have the in the root of the fish config repository, now it moves to the functions directory... I guess that's ok actually

But then again things like test, not so good...

So it's nice to have the functions in their own folder.



New way I'm thinking about this

git clone fisher ... source fisher/ fisher plugin add fish-functions

Meanwhile something interesting has caught my attention, namely `<summary>` as seen in

It has some quirks, but it works pretty well if you add a blank line between the html tags and the summary contents. Then it renders markdown alright

Or maybe simply you just clone the fish-functions directory anywhere

then symlink it to ~/.config/fish/functions

this is a little hacky, windows dont like symlinks I think, that sort of thing. Also how do you add your own functions huh. Would be good to have a thing like "copy the functions you need, then add your own, everything is public domain"

debian nested virtualization

I'm trying to get nested virtualization on debian working, so I can test my "ronin" command. But I don't really need nested virtualization; the test command can run from a host, and clean up its environment etc, such that if it works, that means it should work for a new machine... no need to be perfect here. Anyways here's a virtual machine where I try to install libvirt and stuff and it fails

vagrant@bookworm:~/hack$ history
    1  ls
    2  up
    3  sudo apt update
    4  apt list --upgradable
    5  sudo apt upgrade
    6  ls
    7  sudo apt install libvirt
    8  sudo apt install libvirt0
    9  ls
   10  sudo apt install vagrant
   11  mkdir hack
   12  cd hack/
   13  ls
   14  vagrant init debian/bookworn64
   15  vi Vagrantfile
   16  vagrant up
   17  cat
   18  sudo apt install qemu-system-common
   19  sudo apt install qemu-system
   20  cd hack/
   21  ls
   22  vagrant up
   23  sudo apt install qemu qemu-kvm libvirt-clients libvirt-daemon-system virtinst bridge-utils~
   24  sudo apt install qemu qemu-kvm libvirt-clients libvirt-daemon-system virtinst bridge-utils
   25  sudo apt install qemu-kvm libvirt-clients libvirt-daemon-system virtinst bridge-utils
   26  sudo systemctl enable libvirtd
   27  vagrant up
   28  whoami
   29  sudo usermod -a -G libvirt vagrant
   30  vagrant up
   31  virsh net-list
   32  virsh net-dump vagrant-libvirt
   33  ip addr
   34  vagrant up
   35  vi Vagrantfile
   36  sudo virsh net-list
   37  sudo ip link delete virbr0
   38  sudo ip link delete eth0
   39  vi Vagrantfile
   40  vagrant up
   41  vagrant up --debug
   42  egrep --color -i "svm|vmx" /proc/cpuinfo
   43  sudo virt-host-validate
   44  vu
   45  vagrant up
   46  sudo virsh
   47  history

And here's the error:

vagrant@bookworm:~/hack$ vagrant up
Bringing machine 'default' up with 'libvirt' provider...
==> default: Checking if box 'debian/bookworm64' version '12.20230723.1' is up to date...
==> default: Creating image (snapshot of base box volume).
==> default: Creating domain with the following settings...
==> default:  -- Name:              hack_default
==> default:  -- Description:       Source: /home/vagrant/hack/Vagrantfile
==> default:  -- Domain type:       kvm
==> default:  -- Cpus:              1
==> default:  -- Feature:           acpi
==> default:  -- Feature:           apic
==> default:  -- Feature:           pae
==> default:  -- Clock offset:      utc
==> default:  -- Memory:            512M
==> default:  -- Base box:          debian/bookworm64
==> default:  -- Storage pool:      default
==> default:  -- Image(vda):        /var/lib/libvirt/images/hack_default.img, virtio, 20G
==> default:  -- Disk driver opts:  cache='default'
==> default:  -- Graphics Type:     vnc
==> default:  -- Video Type:        cirrus
==> default:  -- Video VRAM:        16384
==> default:  -- Video 3D accel:    false
==> default:  -- Keymap:            en-us
==> default:  -- TPM Backend:       passthrough
==> default:  -- INPUT:             type=mouse, bus=ps2
==> default: Removing domain...
==> default: Deleting the machine folder
Error while activating network: Call to virNetworkCreate failed: internal error: Network is already in use by interface eth0

Haven't fixed it yet, ah well, like I said I don't really need nested virtualization to write some tests for this. Virtualization isn't the solution to everything... though it is cool ...