Blog: 2023-09-08

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Small link roll up #favissue

looking at has some interest, but seems also a bit wordy. Could help me put the pieces together for a search engine kinda thing

Now I'm thinking about how the apt cli is all over the place: dpkg, apt, apt-cache, apt-file. Would be nice to have a wrapper for various use cases. Or maybe the future is just to switch to nix

Useful weechat doc

Hierarchy of power in project build specifications

natural language documentation < data (json, yaml etc) < makefile < sh < general purpose programming language < application

Started on a guide to apt. Got sidetracked just now trying to figure out what color my terminal font is, it's a pleasing gray compared to the bright-white on dark-black currently in use on my website.

The current rabbit hole is installing to get working. I get this error:

$ meson build
protocol/ ERROR: File //usr/share/wayland-protocols/staging/cursor-shape/cursor-shape-v1.xml does not exist.