Blog: 2023-09-11

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Having some fun getting up and running with sway. The funny thing for me has been: when it first opened, I literally couldn't do anything... my usual keyboard shortcuts ctrl-alt-t for terminal didn't do anything, c-a-del, nope, weird...

but then I looked up keybindings using my phone's browser, and sure enough, meta+enter opens terminal! Fullscreen! off to the races. Meta here being my windows logo key.

Before I get to customizing, I want to spend some time learning the defaults. The main ones I use are meta-{h,j,k,l}, meta-enter, meta-d to launch other graphical commands like firefox and signal.

And just now I got tap to click working with:

sway input 2362:628:PIXA3854:00_093A:0274_Touchpad tap enable

but probably that won't persist, so I guess I gotta put it in my config.

Other keyboard shortcut I use: meta-minus to toggle the "floating" window; any window can be made floating with meta-shift-space.

Link roll up pre reboot: