Blog: 2023-09-20

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Virtualization deep dive is wrapping up, here's the link roll up.

qemu-img create alpine-disk.qcow2 -f qcow2 10G
qemu-system-x86_64 -cdrom alpine-standard-3.18.3-x86_64.iso -hda alpine-disk.qcow2 -nic user -boot d -enable-kvm -m 512M

Also this is the way easier way to do this

podman run -it debian

But that's a minimal system, will have to build on top of it. Also nice to have the qcow2 and virtualization commands easy access.

Ah, I think I figured out why it looked like the system wasn't fully set up - I was exiting it without giving the filesystem a chance to sync. Let me shut down the first boot cleanly.

Ronin works - commit 37770f526fbe7672ca5603b74a35e5a034f0a4a3.png