Blog: 2023-09-27

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Could add a color filter to dig, that'd make it easier to read fer shure.

vimpager accomplishes this nicely.

Would like to get legit syntax highlighting on my blog, maybe even just having the commands in the source, then run them at build time... a bit risky since they could error and stuff after the fact, but that's continuous integration baby

Want to add dark mode to my blog, and a section I'll call "back to the essence of blogging" or something

I have a guides section, and also want to have a way to post something and tag it to a topic. This thing should have a name, maybe something like "tip" or "snippet"? Something that would stand alone, but also potentially be compiled into a full guide.

It's a node in the graph, a file on something. Maybe just file is fine. Or article. Article is pretty good.

Could make my own apt repository for self-contained executables and stuff, that people like to say "just download and put it on your path". Nothing comes to mind right now tho

Ok new brand for a browser! Clio, built on servo. Icon can be a lyre.