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Blog about positive-sum thinking

I think it makes some good points, though I am confused / disagree with

> The problem here is that our legal system is fundamentally oriented around individual rights, not group rights. No group has the property right to any individual. (No group, that is, other than the state). We recognize no legally protected rights of any non-state organization to the attention or time of any person. So deals between groups cannot be made, and reducing transaction costs between individuals will reliably lead, not to Paretotopia, but to the extinction of small groups and the increasing dominance of the state.

I mean... isn't corporations and nonprofits and stuff ... a group that has property and "rights" and stuff? I get that they don't have human rights, but I'm missing something here ...

Ok a new project is simply: frameless vim, it doesn't clear the scrollback .. I guess ... is it a good idea at all? Better than creating my own streaming editor fjord, though not all bad ideas are a bad time

Ok thinking about this again, I can have vim not clear scrollback when it exits:

not quite the same but still kinda cool ... kinda

Really the fjord editor concept is still something unique, to my knowledge nice pic :)

Also like Gauss's signature on wiki, it's from when he was 17 and it's a bit brash but I like it

Cool concepts about editing text: could be applied to phone os, whatever that one is

This bio is incredible

--- cool image of a module where you can see how the "pins" turn into a circuit