Blog: 2023-10-10

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da link roll up

  • trying to figure out a way to put my abbrevs in a separate file

Ok had some fun customizing vim, then when I got stuck on remapping control+space I decided to take another look at emacs... turns out my emacs config wasn't actually in terribly bad shape, spent a while and got most of the messages to go away, mostly by loading less config.

I added an answer for

and finally wrote a early-init.el; however it's still flashing a white screen before turning black. And launching emacs from the app menu isn't bringing it to the foreground... I guess in some ways that's preferable to the janky osx style "launch, steal focus, steal focus again once config is loaded" style.

Back in the vim world I found this post

which informed me you could get to "terminal-normal" mode by c-\ c-n, and do normal window keybindings with c-w from there. However that leaves you in normal mode, so I was thinking about figuring out how to put an autocmd on window focus to get back into insert... when I started reaching for emacs again, describe-key is just really powerful...

Also worth noting tmux has no trouble detecting c-spc, whether in kitty or gnome terminal or anything... and in fact if I launch vim in tmux, they will fight over c-spc, so maybe the move is to give that to tmux, or just move back to emacs entirely. Maybe I draw the line in vim when it comes to ide features: terminal management (nested vim in terminal is still a bother, though my `ved` mapped to :e is cute and works), lsp, even abbrevs... I started adding abbrevs to a new vim plugin, though there's still a lot of convenience to be added to that, surrounding interactively defining them like I had in emacs under c-a (emacs razzi-abbrev-or-add-global-abbrev).

So I guess I hit rock bottom of vim config, couldn't get c-spc to remap consistenly so I'm throwing in the towel. Still got some nice config added this evening, but I'm looking at my vimrc and I see

+nnoremap 80>ü^D<20> :echo "hi"<cr>
+" todo doesn't work

yeah no ... ...