Blog: 2023-10-11

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What people might not realize about software firings / layoffs - software takes a while to write, but once it's written, it can theoretically run indefinitely. In practice, maintenance takes a lot of work, but it doesn't require the same skillset as authorship.

As an example, let's say theoretically Apple fired their whole app store division. What would happen? In a way, nothing! In fact, the nothing that would happen would be the freezing of the product. It would keep working. Over time, it would come to lack certain features that people would expect in interacting with competitors and the shifting technology ecosystem, but Microsoft can lay off their whole windows team and keep selling windows 11 licenses for decades.

under developed article here, but it's bedtime!

Added config for magic keyboard. Firefox keeps crashing, strange. Curl has a vulnerability.

Trying to install heroku one last time to get one last data dump. It's a pain... I wasn't so bothered by proprietary software in the past, and it made me feel like I had superpowers. But now I have those superpowers myself pretty much, the power of open standards. Doing my development on bare machines, just got nginx working the other day with gunicorn. Could try to figure out container orchestration too.

Also my audio has been glitching out ever since I tried to get supercollider working last night. On that front, I couldn't seem to get the server to start.

Anyways, ubuntu is being glitchy, so time for a link roll up!

Firefox crashed just now but somehow this tab kept my post! Yaya! It was switching to twitter that caused the crash this time.

Added a couple posts to my website. Things I could work on:

  • list tags on website, and add links from posts to their respective tags
  • polish up ronin, make it faster by storing a prebaked image on some server or just file host
    • maybe worth experimenting with alpine linux, it's supposed to be smaller
  • follow up about archiving weave data, I have the data dump but don't want to email it as-is
  • work on python n-style version manager
  • work on fjord streaming editor
  • write some more guides: firefox, debian
  • hang out on irc, rice up my weechat config

But best is to just spend some time offline and outside :)

oh one more thing, want to download the straight.el bootstrap so there's no equivalent of curl | sh in my init.el

Got an ensure plugin function working in my vimrc, kinda like they do here:

Dipped into a bit again, really a great resource. I guess it uses bookmarkdown, worth an exploration