Blog: 2023-12-20

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Draft of a guide to debian

  • it's its own operating system, less addons than ubuntu and smaller and good stuff. Wikimedia uses it
  • install kitty as terminal emulator, change keyboard shortcut ctrl-alt-t to open it instead
  • ctrl-alt-e open text editor - emacs

Something about letting applications steal focus - could do some digging on why it behaves this way. Worth acknowledging that windows is annoying in this regard... and macos... as apps load, they steal focus sometimes multiple times even

Ways to make python easier for beginners

  • no more venv... just use a local python_modules directory
  • automatic dotenv (actually not really, since it's fraught and deals with cross platform issues now)
  • automatic current directory in PYTHONPATH (dangerous because if you have a it will overwrite the builtin so actually not doing this