Blog: 2023-12-22

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And now I can see why I gave up on windows as a development environment with emacs, lack of vterm support!

Another non-problem: lack of jump to definition in vim without ctags, just use lsp. Let's actually spend a day on lsp support in vim and emacs...

Wow I keep getting distracted! Now I'm thinking about an improvement to the mediawiki dark mode support that doesn't use an invert filter, so that images don't flash inverted. Also need to think about rendering for example black svgs with transparent backgrounds.

In terms of actual dev work I was looking in to updating my wiki node but wanted to do an offsite backup first. Would be good to have that captured daily or at least weekly perhaps? Maybe not automatically snapshotting, if for example nothing has changed. Dumps are around 3mb, not huge but not trivial either.

Well for now I can rsync them to local, also I can connect to dropbox using dbxfs, but I need to clean up my dropbox cause it's full of stuff rn