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New year ya

Ok looking into this issue to get deno into apt. +

One thing I notice from my local clone of is that dependency versions keep changing. Each of these will require a new debian upload. For example we have the following diff

git diff c08319262..9526520cf Cargo.lock
 name = "comrak"
 name = "deno_core"
 name = "deno_doc"
 name = "deno_ops"
 name = "deno_unsync"
+name = "handlebars"
 name = "hashbrown"
+name = "memoffset"
 name = "metal"
+name = "onig"
+name = "onig_sys"
 name = "opaque-debug"
+name = "pest"
+name = "pest_derive"
+name = "pest_generator"
+name = "pest_meta"
 name = "petgraph"
+name = "regex-syntax"
 name = "regex-syntax"
 name = "rustls-tokio-stream"
 name = "serde_v8"
+name = "syntect"
 name = "tar"
-name = "tinytemplate"
 name = "tinyvec"
+name = "ucd-trie"
 name = "unic-char-property"

Ok so let's start with comrak

Trying to get in to to #debian-js on oftc, can't seem to join channels, the client doesn't seem to show anything... huh.

Side note, there's an emacs package to edit mediawiki pages:

Ok I switched to the oftc/weechat/libera buffer and did /join #debian-js and it worked, great shows comrak has not been packaged for debian.

fr on a side quest, trying to see if oftc can support sasl. Here's the scoop

                |            razzi | Hi there, I see on the faq page that
                | SASL is on the Roadmap, curious if anybody is working on this and if I
                | could help :)
                │15:47:57 @dwfreed | it's a long process; I think the current step is coming up with a
                │                  | solution for OFTC's custom services bots
                │15:52:41    razzi | Thanks for that info dwfreed , is there an info page for these bots or
                │                  | is it more folk knowledge at this point?
                │15:53:03 @dwfreed | folk knowledge + they're open source
                │15:53:14 @dwfreed |
                │15:54:09    razzi | Cool I'll take a look at the sources, thanks
                │15:58:51  phy1729 | Anything for the non-hatted to do there?
                │16:04:04 @dwfreed | phy1729: I mean, if you want to rewrite all our custom services bots into                │                  | their own psuedo-server that can support speaking both oftc-hybrid TS6
                │                  | and eventually solanum TS6 and the necessary atheme modules for
                │                  | information sharing over TS6 (ENCAP galore)
                │16:04:35  phy1729 | They aren't client connections?
                │16:05:44    @Myon | some are, some aren't
                │16:06:27 @dwfreed | GanneffServ, FloodServ, MoranServ, BOPM, and CTCPServ are all integrated
                │                  | in oftc-ircservices
                │16:06:44 @dwfreed | FloodServ is C, the rest are ruby
                │16:07:02  phy1729 | Is the plan to shove them all into atheme?
                │16:07:12 @dwfreed | the plan is to not put them into atheme at all
                │16:07:17 @dwfreed | hence "own psuedo-server"
                │16:08:07  phy1729 | Is there a scaffold or language choice yet?
                │16:08:27 @dwfreed | I'd kind of decided on lua, since it's simple to learn in case I get hit
                │                  | by a bus
                │16:08:37 @dwfreed | (specifically lua 5.1, for luajit compat)

There is an open issue for this:

And a workaround:

Ok several hours later I have the command to start the oftc irc services:

oftc-ircservices $ src/services
oftc-ircservices: version 1.5.12
oftc-ircservices: pid 5473
oftc-ircservices: running in background mode from /usr/local/

But when I try to load the postgres module to add the irc_lower function, I get this error:

testoftcdb=# load '/usr/local/lib/oftc-ircservices/';
ERROR:  could not load library "/usr/local/lib/oftc-ircservices/": /usr/local/lib/oftc-ircservices/ undefined symbol: outofmemory

which appears to be defined in the c source code. Hmm...

Alright some debugging later, I get

│  >    69     services_die("Failed to load a database module, continuing would be unwise.", FALSE)

where module is

This seems to be the same error as the earlier psql load, so that's good, seems database connecting works.

Side note: this error simply comes from a psycopg2.connect call without password:

In [11]: psycopg2.connect(host="localhost", database="testoftcdb", user="razzi")
OperationalError: connection to server at "localhost" (, port 5432 failed: fe_sendauth: no password supplied

So it's nothing to be afraid of...

Here's the command that yields the error (have to continue to error then walk up the stack a bit)

$ gdb --args /home/oftc/ircservices/services/bin/services -foreground