Blog: 2024-01-04

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Ok more clarity on the oftc irc situation. It uses a custom ircd but it's on track to migrate to atheme:

Here's atheme:

Meanwhile libera is using technology such as

So before I can really propose an alternative to oftc ircd, I should come up with a way of getting the current services up and running.

Should I start in podman? virtual machine? cloud server (linode)? codespace? segfault?

I think probably virtual machine or container. Or just bare metal (wsl actually) and see if I can get it working sorta.

Ok I launched a new debian wsl machine. Nice. Started a debian guide as well:

Mercifully the .travis.yml has a list of packages to install:

sudo apt-get install -y debhelper pkg-config zlib1g-dev libbsd-dev libevent-dev autoconf automake libtool libltdl-dev libpq-dev postgresql-server-dev-all libssl-dev ruby ruby-dev flex bison

And then the works (sorta) but it ends with

checking for library containing ruby_init... no
configure: error: Ruby not found (use --disable-ruby to go without)

But ruby totally is installed, it's just a too old version. Added 3.1 to the build files: