Blog: 2024-01-22

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Thought I'd look into cryptography some more:

lists as options for curve ed25519 and ed448. Seems ed448 has more bits of security. Interested in seeing how it performs. ssh doesn't even support it! There's an implementation from zx2c4: also Cloudflare

Also was reading about and saw "BIP39 passphrase" mentioned. That doesn't have its own wiki page but it's a cool technique to encode a private key.

Also... call me a sucker... but I'm interested in these cards

Thinking of putting together a hosting; heard about Codeberg thru the latest outage (and tbh the sourcehut ui is overly spartan yet visually noisy)


It turns out codeberg is built on top of gitea... which was itself forked from gogs... and none of them self host their own git repository on their website, it would seem? Or at least I couldn't find it in a few minutes.

I suppose something to consider here is that you can run your own git server without a web ui, and honestly that's all I need for a place to back up my projects...

Found this cool guide to nixos on linode since it isn't a drop-down option, but it's quite a long process.

Think I'll start with qemu or try a physical install

Still thinking about Meanwhile fish has been totally ported to rust, whoa. So I guess it's time to learn rust if I care to contribute there. Any a couple other projects. I feel like rust would be more so my speed than go, though they're both kinda strict and not dynamic. But that has its own advantages. I feel like a scientist a lot when I develop; scripting and quick prototypes kinda stuff. But maybe it's time to get lower in the stack. And rust goes all the way down to the kernel...