How to turn off framework power led on ubuntu

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Clone the source for framework's embedded controller:

Enter that directory, make the ectool binary:

make utils

Turn off the led as follows:

EmbeddedController $ sudo ./build/hx20/util/ectool led power off

Or change the color like

sudo ./build/hx20/util/ectool led power amber

For the list of colors, pass an unrecognized color:

EmbeddedController $ sudo ./build/hx20/util/ectool led power 3
Bad color name: 3
Valid colors: red green blue yellow white amber

Potentially outdated information below:

When I turned on secure boot, I get this error:

fw-ectool $ sudo ./build/bds/util/ectool --interface=fwk led power red
Error getting I/O privilege: Operation not permitted
Unable to establish host communication
Couldn't find EC

Looks like this:

Secure boot set to on (bad).jpg