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vgculturemag[edit | edit source]

magazine about video game culture, one per season, very transparent editing and such

cloud.local[edit | edit source]

This one's cheeky since .local will not resolve. The ideas is that you add it to your hosts file and it lists your machines, hadoop style distributed file system, manage keys and stuff - like a web services where you can launch tasks and schedule stuff, but it's all using your own hardware

pyv[edit | edit source]

Python version manager, simple like tj/n

  • So is probably a better name, pv is used to monitor progress of data being sent through a pipe.
  • worth exploring to see how good of a job asdf does with this.
    • ok so that uses python-build, which is nice.
      • usage for asdf is asdf global install latest, then notice the version it says is not installed, then asdf install python 3.11.1 for example takes care of that. A bit cumbersome.

Command line editor test suite[edit | edit source]

Editor config testing that wraps the cli to see what effects it has... surprisingly hard so far

Search engine[edit | edit source]

how hard could it be? :)

Groundhog offline-first browser[edit | edit source]

Have a filesystem stored within the app that can be copied between machines, and synced

so that things like password store can live within the browser, and don't need a special desktop app component to work

Thinking about this "offline browser" idea again, I'm realizing, it's basically a desktop environment. It browses a file system, has handlers for files, and works offline of course! In fact, the file explorer / browser interfaces have been converging for some time, for example the file protocol: file:///tmp/some_file.txt.

service that reads your emails and adds events to your calendar[edit | edit source]

Dark mode theme for mediawiki[edit | edit source]

  • So this exists, and it's visible in the user preferences, but it doesn't work in the new vector 2022 theme.
    • noticed a flash of inverted images, which can be kinda distracting / unsettling

+ Browser API that allows users to input their cookie preferences so they don't have to deal with 1000 popups

  • Free prison phone, still a good idea
  • write some unit tests for fish-functions
  • better browser password manager integration
  • Browser/extension that makes it easy to whitelist / blacklist domains like outbrain
  • A text oriented calendar that you can do things like create an event "doctor appt monday 9pm" that will smartly make that on the next monday and give you controls for editing it. Things like places, people autocomplete with past events
  • Could do another python class, at the local maker space
  • Desktop environment that uses alt as the primary key and has emacs keybindings everywhere like osx

Thinking about projects some more, projects don't have to be totally novel or anything... like a decent project could be to get markdown working instead of / alongside wikitext here.

Editor that doesn't go fullscreen by default[edit | edit source]

I have this somewhere on this website I think, that wording is too familiar. fjord working title

Other ideas[edit | edit source]

An operating system based around data structures rather than text documents

Mediawiki as emacs - implement keyboard bindings using user scripts

Elisp to configure nvim using lua and runtime api

signal messenger cli

Want to see how rtx is, apparently it doesn't use shims

primitivOS - an os that uses data structures everywhere[edit | edit source]

PATH is an ordered set, etc

- can even have files have sub keys and values, then you can cat a directory to see the final config file. or something. need to figure out how comments would work in something like this, plain text ain't a bad paradigm at the end of the day. But there's something to having more structure and type checking, to avoid misconfigurations and maybe even crashes.

One step towards this is to have a file format that allows editing via commands like

prim ~/.profile PROJECTS add ~/.vim

that would find a variable in ~/.profile called PROJECTS and add ~/.vim to it.

Also it would be nice to have mediawiki able to quickly jump to projects, and be able to associate information. Funnily enough I'm thinking of more of a structured mediawiki! Much like primitivOS itself. What I'm thinking would be typing


on the home page to pull up all projects, and then you can add a node "anywhere" and end it with #projects and it'll be associated just like that. Have a UUID for every snippet, and have a history for every snippet maybe too. Funnily enough this is a big wikipedia itself push, having sections be their own pieces, as opposed to just title -> content as the data model

- have a way to put media files shared between OSes, so I don't have to download my bandcamp/itunes collections to every new install when it's on the same hard disk. Maybe even a good use case for 2 hard disks side by side: one os stuff & files and the other media. Or simply external hard drive! But then have to think about caching and stuff, it's a bother...