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cloud.local[edit | edit source]

This one's cheeky since .local will not resolve

pyv[edit | edit source]

Python version manager, simple like tj/n

  • So is probably a better name, pv is used to monitor progress of data being sent through a pipe.
  • worth exploring to see how good of a job asdf does with this.
    • ok so that uses python-build, which is nice.
      • usage for asdf is asdf global install latest, then notice the version it says is not installed, then asdf install python 3.11.1 for example takes care of that. A bit cumbersome.

Command line editor test suite[edit | edit source]

Editor config testing that wraps the cli to see what effects it has... surprisingly hard so far

Search engine[edit | edit source]

how hard could it be? :)

Groundhog offline-first browser[edit | edit source]

Have a filesystem stored within the app that can be copied between machines, and synced

so that things like password store can live within the browser, and don't need a special desktop app component to work

service that reads your emails and adds events to your calendar[edit | edit source]

Dark mode theme for mediawiki[edit | edit source]

  • So this exists, and it's visible in the user preferences, but it doesn't work in the new vector 2022 theme.
    • noticed a flash of inverted images, which can be kinda distracting / unsettling

+ Browser API that allows users to input their cookie preferences so they don't have to deal with 1000 popups

Free prison phone, still a good idea

write some unit tests for fish-functions

better browser password manager integration

Browser/extension that makes it easy to whitelist / blacklist domains like outbrain

A text oriented calendar that you can do things like create an event "doctor appt monday 9pm" that will smartly make that on the next monday and give you controls for editing it. Things like places, people autocomplete with past events

Could do another python class, at the local maker space

Desktop environment that uses alt as the primary key and has emacs keybindings everywhere like osx