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For new services, make multiple accounts the rule, not the exception. Example: google calendar shows 1 user at a time by default, where you could theoretically be logged in as your work user, your personal user, and something else all simultaneously. Grind into

Other principles: I was thinking about this last night. I'm sure something will annoy me and then I'll update this

Be able to build up from scratch; make clear the primitives and how an application builds on top of it for good documentation

for a new command line: compatibility, debuggability, performance

click a link to open

don't burden the user with unnecessary distractions

batteries included

Search engine feature: load new page with context, scroll etc. So that you don't lose context on what you were reading as you click a link

Clock tower town driven development

Every 3rd day of the week, start over the dev environment with an os wipe day 4, build up the environment, reflect, plan for next iteration

Browser features

Ability to close tab to the left without looking at it

cmd+w closes a tab

cmd+b x or something (but cmd+b in this editor is making bold!!)

Self-hosting is a win-win kind of scenario

you get to improve the thing by improving the thing. a positive feedback loop? A domino effect? A recursive function

Some software things I'm thinking about

Browser with ability to browse decentralized internet; not sure what's going on with blue link labs & beaker browser. First step here could be to compile firefox and take notes of how it goes, and do the same for chromium

it's really bothersome that apple is restricting all browsers on ios to use webkit, tho I can see why they do it this way from a control and ostensibly security standpoint

now's a great time to get into a libre phone, expecially since i haven't lost my daily driver iphone yet

Could move this wiki from linode to the netbook, would want some sort of robust backup: database, config, mediawiki, other host config