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Digital painting of a cat and a shadow ballroom dancing at night
This is a 9 Million dollar NFT. You're lucky to see it!




People Razzi follows

Comics I like


In person Meetup events in Iowa City



How to

What does

What does GTID replication mean


Speedrun quest, a game that's super glitchy and has campy enemies like long text bureaucrat and powerups like talking speed

Another game idea: something to do with bouncing dvd logo

Books to read

The Land Remains: A Midwestern Perspective on Our Past and Future

The Utopia of Rules


TODO How to

How to get rid of "upgrade" button in docker desktop

How to allow square brackets like [ and ] in mediawiki titles

How to install a vim plugin from .tar.gz

How to open a link from vim via keyboard

How to open a link from vim by clicking

How to open a link in tmux by clicking

How to create a bulleted list in mediawiki visual editor via keyboard

How to hide "Main Page" title on mediawiki main page

How to run vim ex command on visual selection

How to edit git diff from vim

How to view viml source for vim command

How to combine multiple desktops into one in MacOS

  • Press the mission control key (same key as F3) and click the x; the windows will come over

How to save changes without confirmation on mediawiki

How to make Special:PrefixIndex only have 1 column as it displays results

How to view source code of wikitext function (for example Special:PrefixIndex)

How to create wikitext link in 1 keyboard shortcut (currently hit cmd+k return)

How to run a command when opening vim with no arguments

How to see the vim function that a command is running

How to show stdout and stderr in different colors

How to detect if vim colorscheme is available

How to check if ssh tunnel is open

How to verify apache source tarball shasum

How to view apache access log in docker


Blog post: mediawiki as emacs

Blog post: desktop environment that reflects macos conventions

Blog post: lynx with text to speech

Blog post:

Make video installing mediawiki on debian from scratch

new wiki feature: double clicking on a blank line or the margin or something open up editing mode, without the ui loader and stuff, for easily editing. More like a word doc. At least for this wiki everything is open to editing all the time by me, and I should be changing it left and right. It would be nice to have sublime-text style edit saving, where closing and reopening tries to hold on to the latest changes in a staging area way, maybe restricted to my user in case I accidentally leave a password in a textarea or profuse swearing as I try to get something to work.

Document new browser niceties:

- track configuration of addons in a consistent place, like ~/.browsa-addons

- so I can sync config of vim plugin

- allow loading extensions from source, and have "git pull as update mechanism"

- show whether page loaded from cache or not

- Allow zooming in on url bar (you can do this in about:config with layout.css.devPixelsPerPx)

- Allow moving though history, saving scroll position

- Opening a link where the link is already open will focus the link rather than opening it again

- keep downloaded files consistent (may be a way to solve the double download annoyance), with a internet-mirroring file system

- integration with password manager

I find that I'm clicking in the body, since I don't trust that my arrow keys / nav etc will work. Ideally at a glance I could see if the focus was on the body, and if so where.

I'd also like to be able to see cmd+f search results.

and use alt-backspace to clear the whole search line

and have a log of where all keyboard shortcuts happened. Ideally it could even have some information on what the page did with the keyboard shortcut. That would be really useful, to debug keyboard shortcuts on a wiki for example not working.

Links from mediawiki install